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  • PLUG: Star Wars Bracket!

    by Shep. Burman · Mar 21, 2012 at 23:01 CET · Plugs · No Comments
    PLUG: Star Wars Bracket!

    Hey, Started a Star Wars Bracket to coincide with March Madness and the release of Star Wars in 3D (of course, it may run longer). Wondering if I may get a plug for it. It has started already, so as soon as you can do it would be greatly appreciated. Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater It’s pretty simple. I have 32 good/32 bad that will be voted on until we have one of each who will tangle for the...

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  • PLUG: Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater

    by Rachel · Jun 19, 2011 at 13:00 CEST · Plugs · 1 Comment
    PLUG: Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater

    To piggyback off of both Fletch and Jess‘ recent Actresses/Actors of the ’90’s bracket, I will be holding a Girls of TV (and if all goes well a Guys of TV) bracket at my blog, Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater (

    We are starting with 40 current television beauties, starting with the first match up on Monday, and each day we will dwindle away the ladies to crown the Top Girl of TV.


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  • 2011 LAMMY FYC Posters – Films Exposed and Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater

    by Rachel · Apr 29, 2011 at 13:00 CEST · 2011 LAMMYs · No Comments
    2011 LAMMY FYC Posters – Films Exposed and Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater

    Send me an FYC image and I will post it! The nomination voting period only lasts until May 9th. When you’re ready to vote, do it here:

    FYC #66: Films Exposed FYC #67: Kano’s Lay-Z-Boy Theater…...

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