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  • LAMB of the Month October!

    by Joel · Nov 6, 2012 at 17:00 CET · Featured, LAMB of the Month · 5 Comments
    LAMB of the Month October!
    Hey fellow lamb's its that time a month again when I get the chance to call out one of our LAMB members. As usual this monthly award goes to a member that recently have done a lot of good for the LAMB community in general. Check out this months lucky winner below the jump....

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  • PLUG: Tuesday Trivia Tidbits

    by Shep. Burman · Oct 15, 2012 at 17:54 CEST · Plugs · No Comments
    PLUG: Tuesday Trivia Tidbits

    “TUESDAY’S TRIVIA TIDBITS” is little feature that I run on MARKED MOVIES where I post 10 movie related facts every week on (you guessed it) Tuesday’s. The feedback from people so far has been very positive and everyone seems to find something of interest. So if your a fan of behind the scenes and historic info on films please stop by.  Below is a link to the latest post and underneath that is a link to the menu...

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  • PLUG: Lets Have a Sit Down

    by Shep. Burman · Jul 28, 2012 at 1:00 CEST · Plugs · No Comments
    PLUG: Lets Have a Sit Down

    Hey LAMBs, Mark Walker here from Marked Movies. I was wondering if you could do a little plug for me? I have recently started a little feature on my blog called “Let’s Have a Sit-Down”. It started off as an experiment to see if it would work and the feedback I got was quite good, so I continued with it. Basically, it consists of matching up two actors to have a conversation with one another but only using dialogue...

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  • LAMB #1287 – Marked Movies

    by Joel · Jul 12, 2012 at 23:46 CEST · New LAMB · 4 Comments
    LAMB #1287 – Marked Movies

    URL: Site Name: Marked Movies Twitter: @MarkusMarakai 
    Categories: Reviews Rating: NC17 What is the main focus of your site?

    To provide my opinion of new and old movies that I have seen and to promote discussion. As well as, networking with other...

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