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  • PLUG: Ice Fest 2012

    by Joel · Jul 22, 2012 at 19:53 CEST · Plugs · 2 Comments
    PLUG: Ice Fest 2012
    Hello fellow LAMBs! This is Will from Silver Emulsion and I’d just like to announce my latest special review event, ICE FEST 2012! I’ll be taking a look at the films of Ice T and Ice Cube, of course! In the deep heat of summer, I think we could all use a little ice to cool us down. The event will run from August 6–17, 2012, and it’s gonna be cool… as ice! The full schedule and an ad image are now available here:...

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  • PLUG: Weekend at Bernies Blogathon!

    by Shep. Burman · Jun 10, 2012 at 21:46 CEST · Plugs · No Comments
    PLUG: Weekend at Bernies Blogathon!
    Hello fellow LAMBs! Next weekend I’ll be doing a special event that’s been on my mind for awhile. It’s a look back at a pair of films you don’t hear too much about these days: Weekend at Bernie’s Parts 1 & 2. While I wouldn’t call this a blog-a-thon in the strictest sense, everyone is welcome to join in with me and post up your thoughts on your own sites, and I’ll link them in my post if you send...

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  • LAMB #994 – Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

    by Rachel · Jul 1, 2011 at 15:00 CEST · New LAMB · No Comments
    LAMB #994 – Silver Emulsion Film Reviews
    URL: Name: Silver Emulsion Film ReviewsCategories: Reviews, General, Horror, Classic Film, (Other) B-MoviesRating: R What is the main focus of your site?I focus on reviewing all kinds of movies, from old to new, from mainstream to forgotten B-movies. I have an intense love for both well-made cinema and low-budget trash. All films are given equal footing, from Citizen Kane to The Toxic Avenger.What are your...

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