The winner of the 2008 LAMMY for Best Blog is…

by Dylan · May 12, 2008 · 2008 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 14 Comments

It wasn’t my intention to do what I’ve done just below. However, circumstances beyond my control have given me reason to think it necessary, or at least a good idea. Surely, there is the potential for someone to think “Hey, my best blogging buddy didn’t vote for me!,” though I certainly don’t think there’s much reason to (there’s a lot of competition, after all).

Either way, below you will find the entire list of votes for best blog, complete with the voter’s site. In case you’re not up for manually counting, the summary is at the bottom as usual.

As would be expected, this was the most active category, with 80 total votes spread to 28 sites by 33 voters. The winner took the trophy while receiving a vote from 33.3% of the voters, the 6th highest percentage of all the categories.

Voter’s site Vote 1 Vote 2 Vote 3
1 Minute Film Review DC Girl @ the Movies Unheralded Final Girl
1,416 and Counting Final Girl Fataculture This Distracted Globe
Anchorwoman In Peril! The Center Seat Trash Aesthetics Evil on Two Legs
Blog Cabins MovieZeal Lazy Eye Theatre Getafilm
Cinematic Passions Fataculture Getafilm
Counting Down the Hours Blog Cabins Unheralded
Doodad Kind of Town Getafilm MovieZeal Coosa Creek Mambo
Film for the Soul Final Girl Coosa Creek Mambo Ferdy on Films
From the Front Row Fataculture Joe’s Movie Corner The Movie Fanatic
Getafilm Fataculture Blog Cabins Coosa Creek Mambo
Insight Into Entertainment The Center Seat
Invasion of the B Movies Blog Cabins Reel Whore Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob
Joe’s Movie Corner Blog Cabins Fataculture From the Front Row
Lazy Eye Theatre Final Girl Reel Whore
MovieZeal (Evan) Getafilm This Distracted Globe
MovieZeal (Luke) Final Girl Mrs. Thuro’s Movie Rants and Raves Talking a Lot Without Ever Really Saying Anything
Mrs. Thuro’s Movie Rants & Raves Getafilm Final Girl Blog Cabins
Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob Blog Cabins
Reel Ninja The Film Fiend
Reel Whore Lazy Eye Theatre Joe’s Movie Corner Unheralded
Rick’s DVD Picks Getafilm
scifidrive Blog Cabins Bohemian Cinema Ferdy on Films The Movie Fanatic Tricky Movie Trivia Evil On Two Legs
Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas Blog Cabins
The Fantastic Adventures of Furious D Final Girl Blog Cabins
The Flick Chick The Movie Fanatic Fataculture The Reel Ninja
The Moon is a Dead World Final Girl Evil on Two Legs
The Spoon Unheralded Final Girl Ferdy on Films
This Distracted Globe Getafilm Lazy Eye Theatre Ferdy on Films
Tractor Facts Evil On Two Legs
Trash Aesthetics Blog Cabins
Tricky Movie Trivia The Critical Critics
Watch It Unheralded Blog Cabins Movie Reviews (such as they are)

The envelope please…

3rd place: Getafilm (7 votes)

Best Blog Runner Up: Final Girl (9 votes)

And the winner, with 11 votes is…

Blog Cabins

(The Best Blog Runner-Up banner will be sent to Final Girl. Congratulations!)

Now, as you might imagine, I’ve had mixed feelings about being honored with this prize. Thus, the displaying of all of the votes above. I guess, in the end, that you have no one to blame but yourselves. πŸ˜‰ As is stands, I want to thank not only everyone that voted for me, but everyone that participated in the voting for the LAMMYS, period.

Here are some closing notes on the event:

I asked the voters what they thought of the number of awards. 67% thought that the number (14) was just right, 23% thought there were too many, and 8% felt there were not enough. I think that, should we have another LAMMYS in the future, I’ll probably trim a few categories, but perhaps add some others. Here’s a sampling of the opinions on what to ditch and/or what to add:

“I’d ditch the widgets one. But I’d add in something like “Funniest blog.”” (Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob)

“Ditch Best use of widgetology and technology. Go with Best written review and funniest review.” (1 Minute Film Review)

“Take out Best Impression of JD Salinger & Bob Dylan” (

“Most Prolific and Best Impression of Bob Dylan are too similar, I think.” (From the Front Row)

“Could lose the widget one and the alternative media and give awards for specific types of blogs. Best reviewer, Best writer, Best taste in movies” (Watch It)

“Add a category for Best Oscar Blog and Best Pen Name” (Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas)

I also asked if you’d like to keep the voting process the same (where voters submit up to three sites per category) or if you’d rather see a nomination-style process like the Academy Awards. 69% said go with nominations, and with there looking to be at least twice as many of the 78 sites that were eligible this time around, I couldn’t agree more.

Finally, I’ll leave you with another question. I titled this event the 2008 LAMMYS. That said, would you rather see this as a yearly event, or as an every-six-months event? Maybe I’m just impatient…

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14 Responses to The winner of the 2008 LAMMY for Best Blog is…

  1. I think yearly would be a better idea, although I am as impatient as yourself πŸ™‚ If you make it too often, it might lose its importance and become just a usual thing.

  2. Fox says:

    First off… CONGRATS to Fletch for winning THE BIG ONE, and to everyone else that won a LAMMY. I’m a big nerd, and I got a big kick out of this whole shebang!

    I think I agree with Anil on the yearly idea. I too am impatient, and thus, very tempted to lobby for a “every 6 months” show, but like Anil said, it may keep it’s prestige if we have to wait a year.

    But it’s no matter to me… maybe the LAMMY winners can do a vote on it since they will be the ones defending their titles.

    Anyways… fun stuff guys!

  3. Nick says:

    I think two things should happen:

    1) Though I am highly impatient and do not want to wait a year, I agree that it might be better to do so.

    2) As much as it would be unwanted in getting rid of LAMBs, there are some that are either inactive or non-existent. I believe that you could email everybody on the list and ask if they still want to be a member of LAMB. This might not only help congestion, but help us out when it comes time to look through a bajillion blogs next year. Because if things continue going the way they have been… we could be close to 500 by the time the next LAMMY Awards come around.

    Oh, and by the way… Jason at B Movies… you’re my new best friend πŸ˜› .

  4. luke h. says:

    I think an award for best individual review or best feature article would be a good idea.

  5. Jason Soto says:

    Congrats to everybody who won all the LAMMY’s.

    Nick-Sure NOW i’m your best friend, even though YOU didn’t vote for me. Haha…

  6. Matt says:

    Congratulations on winning Best Movie Blog Fletch! Good thing you listed all the votes or else we’d never hear the end of the conspiracy theories. And if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t vote for you :).

    Seriously, you did a great job on organizing the LAMMYs and I have to concur with everyone else in keeping this an annual tradition. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t do more frequent award type events, ie. Lamb Chops.

  7. Ghidorah says:

    I agree with Nick, by the next LAMMYs, they will be a godzillion blogs in the Lamb and this will become very difficult…

  8. Piper says:

    Well done, Fletch.

    Very well done.

    I’ve got a couple of hookers left and some cocaine if you’re interested.

    Shhhh. I won’t tell Mrs. Fletch if you won’t.

  9. Daniel G. says:

    Holy crap. That I was in the running for “Best Blog” is a shock – I’m really honored by the votes I received, and my congrats to BC and Final Girl. Blogging is the last thing I want to be competitive in my life, and I hope the display of votes here doesn’t create competition or behind-the-scenes consternation (I would have trusted you, Fletch, but I understand your thinking behind it). We were all doing this for our own reasons before the LAMMYs were even announced, and hopefully that will continue to be the case.

    That being said, I still think it’s a great way to recognize the community’s work on a yearly (I think it should only be yearly) basis, and I applaud all of your hard work in organizing it, Fletch (Shepherd).

  10. Nick says:

    Jason: lol… I did vote for you for some of the other ones. I know for sure at least one other one (best theme, I believe).

  11. Congratulations to everyone who’s won at least one LAMMY! Everyone’s a winner! Great job Fletch!

  12. nick plowman says:

    Yeah, I cannot wait for my banner…no rush πŸ™‚

    Congrats Fletch.

  13. Fletch says:

    In no order whatsoever…

    Thanks, all. I had no allusions of winning, but am really flattered.

    Yearly it will be.

    Piper, what happened to the entire gang of hookers? Did you kill some or something?

    I’d like to do some “LAMB clean up,” but there really aren’t many defunct sites (3 by my count), and the thought of re-numbering everyone is overwhelming. I’ll make a point to only list the “active” ones, though (what’s the length of time to designate inactivity?).

    Banners will be sent out today, Nick. I hope.

  14. Corey says:

    1. I feel horrible for not voting, but I couldn’t in good conscience vote without looking at all the blogs… and I couldn’t find time to get through them all before the deadline. Please give a month’s notice next time if a similar format is followed… πŸ™‚

    2. To fix situations like the above (which will get worse by the time this done is again), I’d suggest some sort of nomination system. Perhaps a committee could be put together to decide on nominations… I’m not really sure what would be the fairest way to make that work. But it’d make it much easier for voting if each category had 5-10 options instead of hundreds.

    3. To the four people who included evilontwolegs in their list of 3 for best blog… I love you. To the one person who only voted for us and no one else… I’ll assume you’re either my mother disguised as a film blogger or I owe you my first-born. Either way… you rock.

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