Stump the LAMBs Movie Trivia Quiz Answer: Delirious

by Shep. Burman · January 18, 2009 · Movie Trivia Quiz · No Comments

Four little LAMBs answered the last trivia question correctly. Only one person (Nell Minnow) knew the answer to the question before that, so it’s good to see different people participating.

Here’s the last question again:

Name the movie that has the same title — but not the same plot — as a film about a soap opera writer.

The answer:


John Candy starred in 1991’s Delirious as a soap opera writer who gets hit on the head and wakes up as a character in his own show. The movie with the same name but not the same plot is Tom DiCillo’s Delirious, starring Steve Buscemi, Gina Gershon and the yummy Michael Pitt. Although DiCillo’s 2006 version of Delirious is also about show business and a soap opera is part of the plot, the stories are nothing alike.

Here are the LAMBs who knew the answer:

Jason Soto of Invasion of the B Movies

Phil Concannon of Phil on Film

SamuraiFrog of Electronic Cerebrectomy

Nell Minow from The Movie Mom

Here’s the next question:

Name the movie with a plot that turns on one of the character’s interaction with a pool ladder.

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