LAMB #242 – Wordplay

by Dylan · February 15, 2009 · New LAMB · 1 Comment

Site Name: Wordplay
Rating: I am a G site all the way in terms of language and imagery, though topics may be mature.

What is the main focus of your site?
The general topic of ‘Wordplay’ is the complexity of communication in all its aspects, but particularly language. Movies – the word is always ‘movies’ or ‘pictures’ with me, never film – are a big interest of mine. What interests me most is how and why the good ones work, and the bad ones fail. The essay that is at the top of the blog (“Good Movies, Bad Influences”) at the moment is typical. In the next couple of weeks, I am going to write something about Mike Leigh’s Secrets and Lies – why is the missing daughter African-American? Because the plot moves along the same lines without reference to race – and a contrarian essay concerning the reasons why the Titanic screenplay is actually superb. Stuff like that, a bit more in depth than most people do.

What are your blogging goals, personally and/or professionally? In other words, what, if anything, are you trying to get out your blog?
The goals relate to my own literary projects. There is quite a story to the novel referenced at the top right of my blog – my agent actually placed it with Warners’ at the editorial level, and then it was unplaced in a final sales review – quite traumatic. Now I am relegated to self-publishing hell, from which I’d like to escape. Writing lively and interesting essays about movies serves both that interest and (I hope) yours. ‘Lively’ and ‘interesting’ – and just a bit out of mainstream – is what I aim to produce.

Do you prefer an interactive ‘community’ for your blog or are you the teacher and your readers are the students?
Not answered.

How long have you been movie blogging for, and how frequent do you post updates to your site?
I intend to update several times a week. However, not all of the updates are about movies – at least once a week on that subject.

Name up to three of your favorite movies (and no more).
It is really tough to restrict myself to three movies. Try Titanic – er, the Cameron version, not the 1953 Clfton Webb-Barbara Stanwyck melodrama , Buster Keaton’s The General, and Kurosawa’s Ikiru. I deliberately mention three movies as unalike as possible. There are very few quality pictures I don’t like, or haven’t seen.

How did you hear about the LAMB?
Not answered.

Any additional comments, or give yourself an interview question that’s not listed above.


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    This blog is now defunct.

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