LAMB Leaderboard updated for March!

by Dylan · April 3, 2009 · LAMB Leaderboard · 2 Comments

…and we have a new B.L.O.C. (Big LAMB on Campus). Congrats to The Lightning Bug’s Lair.

In other LAMB Banner news, I’ve added eight more to the gallery again – if you were one of the eight, your banners now ‘hang’ proudly there and have been inserted into the Random LAMB Banner box.

Want yours in there? Just send it to me.


2 Responses to LAMB Leaderboard updated for March!

  1. Nick says:

    Well hell. I pimped the LAMB last month, and I even put up a direct banner that said “CLICK HERE!” at the very top for all to see. And I didn’t even make the leaderboard? Bah.

  2. T.L Bugg says:

    Woot! I can’t believe I made it. I wanna send a big thank you out to all my readers, and anyone who checks out my site.

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