LAMMY Nomination Voting Progress (through 5/1)

by Dylan · May 1, 2009 · 2009 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 5 Comments

As a passive-aggressive form of virtual pestering, I’ll be periodically posting this, a progress thermometer tracking the number of LAMMY voters to date.

The decision is in! The voting period for nominations has been pushed back one week, to May 11th. Let’s see this thermometer get filled up some more!

In other news, the last remaining LAMMY-eligible LAMB (#282) was posted earlier today. But there are still plenty of FYCs to be posted; you’ve got time to make and send yours, should you wish to. Thanks to all that have voted already.

While we’re here, let me reiterate some of the rules/answer some questions/go over some general miscellany regarding the voting:

* You better believe that Best FYC Advertisement will be a new award next year.

* No, you don’t have to vote for every award…though I would like it better if you did.

* No, you don’t have to fill out the maximum number of sites per award (five are allowed for Best Blog; three for all others)…though I would like it better if you did.

* Votes for your own site do not count. If you voted for yourself, I’ll just delete those votes.

* For the Best Blog-a-thon/Meme and Best Review awards, please enter the URL of said nominee only.

* When entering your noms, please type the site name, a comma, and then the next site name and so on. No “Enter” or spaces.

* Only members of LAMBs #1-282 are eligible to vote; for the one person that voted but isn’t yet a LAMB – I appreciate your voting and the time it took, but I’m afraid it won’t count towards the totals.

* For the Best Running Feature award, please enter not only the site name, but the name of the running feature. A site name alone is not enough; I will be contacting the people who voted as such for more detail.

* The LAMB is not eligible to win any awards, so please don’t waste a nomination on it. I appreciate the thought very much, though.

Any other questions, post ’em here or email me. Have fun!

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5 Responses to LAMMY Nomination Voting Progress (through 5/1)

  1. Marilyn says:

    For what year? 2008, first half of 2009?

  2. Fletch says:

    For the year since the last LAMMYs (May 08 – April 09).

  3. the editor., says:

    Hi! Fletch,
    When you cast your vote for a Lammy’s banner do you add…
    ( 2008/03/random-lamb-banner-gallery.html )
    after the blog website on the voting ballot?

    Because whenever I click on a banner in the gallery only the blog name appears in the address box….minus ( 2008/03/random-lamb-banner-gallery.html )


    Deedee ;-D

  4. Fletch says:

    Deedee – I’m not totally sure I get the question, but if it is what I think it is, the answer is this:

    For the Best Random LAMB Banner category at the LAMMYs, just enter the site’s name that owns the banner. Don’t worry about any URLs.

  5. the editor., says:

    Hi! Fletch,
    Yes!… you, have answered my question.

    Sacrebleu!(Slap cheek!)…Let me “rephrase” my
    When I cast my vote for a Lammy’s banner do I add…(2008/03/random-lamb-banner-gallery.html)

    …after the blog website (name) on the voting ballot?

    See example below: Oh! no!…I’am not going to vote for the LAMBs’ banner.

    Deedee ;-D

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