LAMB Casting: Doubt Pt. 2

by AndrewEncore · February 25, 2010 · Lamb Casting · 2 Comments

Andrew here, from Encore’s World of Film & TV. I’m very late with this, but I’ve had a hectic week – which is no excuse but (shrugs) it is what it is. As usual I’m not revealing who the competitors were, but this week the lineup was very interesting. Six of you decided to recast 2008’s Awards hit of sorts and I’d rather watch each of these films than the actual cast…and I liked Doubt. The choices are very diverse…so readers: think carefully and take your pick. I hope you’re not like Sister Aloysius, don’t have any doubts…


2 Responses to LAMB Casting: Doubt Pt. 2

  1. Fitz says:

    How many times is Mike Nichols going to be used?

  2. Many times apparently. With good reason though.

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