LAMB Casting: The Colour Purple

by AndrewEncore · March 20, 2010 · Lamb Casting · 3 Comments
Hey there, this is Andrew from Encore’s World of Film & TV with a new episode of LAMB Casting. It’s a special episode of sorts this week. The year is 1985 and the film is question is The Colour Purple, but instead of just recasting it we’re casting a musical version. The Colour Purple has transferred to Broadway with success and there have been whispers of bringing it back to the stage a la Hairspray. So I’m tossing it out to you, send your ideas to me at dangerous.liaison231(@) (remove parentheses).

 Celie (originally Whoopi Goldberg)
Mr. Albert Johnson (originally Danny Glover)
Shug Avery (originally Margaret Avery)
Sofia (originally Oprah Winfrey)
Nettie Harris (originally Akousa Busia)
Old Mister (originally Adolph Caesar)
Harpo Johnson (originally Willard Pugh)
Squeak (originally Rae Dawn Chong)
Swain (originally Laurence Fishburne)
Miss Millie (originally Dana Ivey)
It’s quite a handful of characters, but casting the first seven are necessary.
Happy Casting!


3 Responses to LAMB Casting: The Colour Purple

  1. Celie – Tyler Perry
    Mr. Albert Johnson – Tyler Perry
    Shug Avery – Tyler Perry
    Sofia – Tyler Perry
    Nettie Harris – Tyler Perry
    Old Mister – Tyler Perry
    Harpo Johnson – Tyler Perry
    Squeak – Tyler Perry
    Swain – Tyler Perry
    Miss Millie – Tyler Perry

  2. Fletch says:

    LOL. Nice one, 24hrs.

  3. It’s going to be tough to beat your casting 24 hrs.

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