LAMB Casting Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf: The Results

by AndrewEncore · June 15, 2010 · Lamb Casting · 2 Comments
I am late with this so humble apologies, but on to this episode of LAMB Casting, this time focusing on the Mike Nichols’ classic Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I am Andrew from Encore’s World of Film & TV and these are your results.
I will say, the casting has been going on for some months but this is the first time now single cast stood out as my favourite. Each of them had something going for them…here were the choices…
Jess from Insight Into Entertainment chose the following foursome:
What I like about this is how logical it all is. I can’t be the only one getting an older Elizabeth Taylor vibe from Stockhard Channing, am I? The banter between she and Alan would be excellent, and for someone so typecast as a monotonous villain it would be lovely seeing Rickman bite into this nuanced role. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Adams as the young couple is another good choice. Both have the good-looks without looking too…exotic, and Nick and Honey should look “safe” so it really does work. I do feel Ryan has talent to spare, so it would be nice getting to see him push himself. My Favourite: Stockhard Channing
CS from Big Thoughts From A Small Mind (and fellow Lamb contributor) submitted these:
CS always thinks outside of the box, and once again he does so. Catherine Keener is known for comedic talents, but she can be a cold hard bitch whe necessary, she would be decidedly mean as Martha and Dylan Baker looks soft, but could just as mean which is just what is needed from George. John Cho as Nick as interesting choice, and he is the sort of “nice-looking” guy that could seem just a bit boring, and Robin Tuney has precisely the bewildered sort of look I’d attribute to Honey, I’d buy her and Cho as a couple too. My Favourite: Robin Tuney
Clarabela from Just Chick Flicks chooses this quartet:
She brings in theatre stalwarts known for their film with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Viola Davis. I really like this pairing, Davis does not get enough work and she’s due for a lead role. The caustic Martha would make any good woman’s career, and though Hoffman does not strike you as the usual George the man is surely talented enough to pull it off. Ryan Phillippe is so hated – I don’t know why. He impressed me particulalry in Gosford Park and if he were to play Nick in that same register I’d probably love it, too and pairing him with Scarlett would be sensational. Even though she is known for her good looks I’d like to see her play in to the tics of Honey…and she is a Tony Winner now. My Favourite: Ryan Phillippe
Marshall from Marshall and Movies identifies these:
Marshall’s cast is the most Hollywood, and that is a compliment. I can see this one being made and the casting of Ms. Bening is largely responsible for that. From Carolyn Burnham to Julia Lambert to Deidre Burroughs how could I not think she can handle this? I’ll admit George Clooney does nothing for me, and though I’m somewhat sceptic of his ability to succeed Richard Burton he would probably surpise me. It would be interesting see good-boy Jake playing Nick, but it is the sort of role he could make work and his pairing would Amy Adams would be believable (who gets chosen once again). My Favourite: Annette Bening
Walter from The Silver Screening Room identifies four he’s very ecstatic about:
…and I am too. It’s probably the most subtle of the choices, but it makes sense when you think. Marcia Gay Harden is talented (so says her Oscar and Tony) but she’s often forgotten. She didn’t cross my mind when I thought of Martha but she would obviously be able to do this wonderfully and Bruce Greenwood is someone I never remember but his ability to be forgotten is just what would make him an excellent George. Reynolds gets noticed once again…and then, there is Ms. Garai. I’ve been singing my praised for her work in Atonement for three years and Honey would be an excellent piece for her to tackle. My Favourite: Romola Garai
Jude from …And All That Film offers these four:
It’s one of the atypical choices, because of the youth, but it’s a good one. Lisa Kudrow is known for her comedic talents so obviously we do not think of her for a drama. But Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is no straight drama, it’s a dark and macabre comedy and Lisa’s ability to steal the show is just perfect. Jude may be young, but he is a favourite of mine and his ability to be so mean at times (think of The Talented Mr. Ripley) would be what we’d want from George. Ewan may be a little old for Nick, but can anyone deny that he has the right affability for the role…and Christina Ricci is the sort of actress who can go subtle then go crazy that would work perfectly as Honey. My Favourite: Jude Law
Overall I’d say the casting of the Martha’s are my favourite. Each caster did excellently there. There were some choices I’d expected that did not turn up though, like Rupert Friend or James Franco (for Nick) or Dianne Wiest or Emma Thompson or Laura Linney (all for Martha) Ralph Fiennes or Ed Harris (for George) or Kirsten Dunst or Winona Ryder (for Honey)…but you’re probably wondering, why the hell am I rambling. So I’ll cease and get on with the results, it was a close race for first and it came down to Marshall and Jess nd the winner was
Marshall of Marshall and the Movies by just two votes! I guess you all loved his Hollywood cast of Annette, George, Jake and Amy.
Thanks to all the casters for turning in excellent choices, I’ll put up the new movie for casting later in the week.
…but tell me what you think of the results, which casts were you gunning for…and would you pay to see Marshall’s movie. I would!

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