LAMB Casting: My Best Friend’s Wedding, VOTING TIME

by AndrewEncore · July 13, 2010 · Lamb Casting · 4 Comments

Hello, this is Andrew from Encore’s World of Film & TV. The entries have now been submitted and it’s time for you to make your picks.


4 Responses to LAMB Casting: My Best Friend’s Wedding, VOTING TIME

  1. Heather says:

    Since I was late to the game in posting my choices, this is what I said:

    Julianne Potter: Eva Mendes
    Michael O’Neal: Colin Farrell
    George Downes: Paul Bettany
    Kimberly Wallace: Zoe Saldana

    Can’t vote, but I wanted to add my input.

    Plus, someone put Ben Affleck in a role? I couldn’t read any of the other options there as I was already opposed to that idea by the mere presence of Affleck in a movie.

  2. So many of the same people … interesting seeing McAdams in both female roles.

  3. Kaiderman says:

    MINE MADE THE LIST… I can’t believe someone else almost had the same list. I considered Ryan Reynolds too which is weird but Dermott Mulroney’s character was too straight for him to play!

  4. this is your best post. keep it up. I Will bE coming.

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