LAMB #783 – Paragraph Film Reviews

by Rachel · January 8, 2011 · New LAMB · 2 Comments

Site Name: Paragraph Film Reviews
Categories: Reviews, General
Rating: PG-13

What is the main focus of your site?
The majority of posts on Paragraph Film Reviews are film reviews; condensed into a paragraph! The occasional debate and general film-related topics are thrown in the hopper too, to mix it up a little.

What are your blogging goals, personally and/or professionally? In other words, what, if anything, are you trying to get out your blog?
No blogging goals per se. A bigger readership and wanting to become a professional, full-time film reviewer go without saying, but this site was born out of my terrible memory. I used as a way of keeping track of the films I saw and my main thoughts – for future me / recommendations etc. By checking out the tags I stumbled into similar (and much better!) sites and now enjoy being part of a wider group of argumental bloggers, good enough for me.

Do you prefer an interactive community for your blog or are you the teacher and your readers the students?
A little bit of both; most posts set up my stance on a particular film, then the readers come in and agree with it; or smash the arguments to pieces. For me this is ideal, and it’s great to see how bizarre and unique everyone’s tastes and opinions on films are – no wonder there’s so many review sites. Community-centric sites usually have to avoid becoming to broad and catch-all, whereas nobody like a bossy know-it-all.

How long have you been movie blogging for, and how frequent do you post updates to your site?
The site’s been live for 18 months now. Really wanted to find a stride, style, get into a proper routine and have a large bank of reviews before joining the LAMB Posting used to be sporadic, but has recently been 3-4 new entries per week – god bless WP’s auto-publishing feature!

Name up to three of your favorite movies (and no more).
Even though there’s no quality control, I love almost every James Bond film, they really started my obsession with cinema. OldBoy is my top movie of all time, can’t remember a film having such a strong effect on me. BaseKetball a close third – hey, everyone’s got to laugh.

How did you hear about the LAMB?
Aiden’s CTCMR was the first movie blog I stumbled upon, Kai of the List then joined, and pretty much everyone on my blogroll is a treasured Lamb now… was starting to feel left out.

Any additional comments, or give yourself an interview question that’s not listed above.
Thanks for having me.


2 Responses to LAMB #783 – Paragraph Film Reviews

  1. Kaiderman says:

    Paul’s in the house… woot-woot!!!

  2. Ross McG says:

    Love Paragraph Reviews. one of the first i added to the blogroll when i started out. some of the funniest reviews out there

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