LAMB Casting: Magnolia

by AndrewEncore · February 24, 2011 · Lamb Casting · 2 Comments
Andrew here, the most recent episode of LAMB Casting closed with CS winning for recasting Forrest Gump which was a relatively small cast. This time we’re going bigger, up for remodelling is Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. It’s a large ensemble, so here are the characters:

Frank T. J. Mackey (originally played by Tom Cruise)

Jimmy Gator (originally played by Philip Baker Hall)
Claudia Wilson Gator (originally played by Melora Walters)
Earl Partridge (originally played by Jason Robards)
Linda Partridge (originally played by Julianne Moore)
Stanley Spector (originally played by Jeremy Blackman)
Phil Parma (originally played by Philip Seymour Hoffman)
Donnie Smith (originally played by William H. Macy)
Officer Jim Kurring (originally played by John C. Reilly)
Cynthia (originally played by Felicity Huffman)
Alan Kligman (originally played by Michael Murphy)
Narrator (originally played by Jay Roberts)
send me an email at dangerous.liaison231(@) (remove parentheses) with your casting ideas. include the word MAGNOLIA in your email.
Frank T. J. Mackey: What am I doing? I’m quietly judging you. 
(That’s what I’ll be doing when you send in your choices.)
Good luck.


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  1. Rich says:

    I think the narrator was Ricky Jay.

  2. Fletch says:

    Methinks this one might just be a shade or two too new at 11+ years to really re-cast, and it’s not tremendously popular to boot. I think I’d just re-cast it with all of the same people, where available. 😀

    I’ve seen it, but I’d have to rewatch it to properly do this since I can’t recall the traits of hardly any of the characters.

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