LAMB Casting: Sabrina (VOTING TIME)

by AndrewEncore · August 16, 2011 · Lamb Casting · 7 Comments

Andrew here. Am I late with this? I never know if I’m going or coming really, but I’m here with the options for you to vote and this month we’re recasting the Billy Wilder classic Sabrina. I’d have a lot of money if I had a dollar for every time us bloggers bitch about terrible romantic comedies, so think of this as a way for you to make your own romantic comedy – mixing and matching. We’ve got the darling heroine in the form of Sabrina, the idle playboy she loves – perhaps wrongly in David, and the wise man she should choose in Linus. So, you’ve been tasked with recasting the roles originally played by Hepburn, Holden and Bogart. Nine of you sent in your options (all of them with at least one stellar pick) and it’s now up to you dear readers to vote. NOTE: Be careful when you vote, the answers randomise and some of them have similar actors. Which of these remake casts would you greenlight?

Happy voting!


7 Responses to LAMB Casting: Sabrina (VOTING TIME)

  1. Malcolm says:

    I’m very excited on whose going to win!

    Anyway, I hope I’m not the only one who voted for my pick. :))) So to those who will just pick, a piece of advice: be wise. Don’t just go with popularity contest. :))))

    But still, choose wise. 🙂

  2. Chip Lary says:

    I found myself liking one casting pick better than my own, but not liking the other two. It’s too bad we can’t mix and match, but that would result in so many combinations that it would be too unwieldy.

  3. JoelB says:

    I have not seen Sabrina but whats up with no Amy Adams among the suggestions??? Come on folks…

  4. i too love amy adams but only when she doesn’t have straight hair. that soudns odd. but seriously she would have to wear her hair down quite often for this role and that would take her natural jauntiness away.

  5. everyone it sure is a packed race, so i’m especially interested in seeing who you vote for.

    chip mixing and matching WOULD make everything crazy, but it would make for some interesting picks. (now you’ve given me an idea for the results post.

    toby weirdly, i completely get what you mean about adams and the straight hair.

  6. Raghav says:

    You know Jeol, Amy would have also been a good choice for Sabrina. But I like the one i suggested just a tad better 😉

  7. Paolo says:

    I voted for the cast with a really bright star in the lead (see what I did there?).

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