LAMB Casting: Sabrina

by Shep. Burman · August 3, 2011 · Lamb Casting · 2 Comments

Andrew here, with another film for you to recast. We went classic last month and re-casted All About Eve (brilliantly, I might add) and we’re going classic again. From poor eve to Sabrina, i.e. Sabrina. I shall confess that Audrey Hepburn does not make me full of glee, although she seems lovely I don’t like Sabrina much. But, I’m interested to see how you’d recast it.
So, recast the principal players:
Sabrina – the young daughter of the Larabee’s chauffeur Thomas
Linus – the older, workaholic brother
David – the other Larabee, a Lothario-like playboy

Now, I know I could include the supporting players…but I really am interested in seeing what trio you’d come up with. So, send me your ideas at dangerous.liaison231[@] (remove parentheses). Okay, Go!


2 Responses to LAMB Casting: Sabrina

  1. Dylan says:

    I will be re-casting the Harrison Ford version. 😉

  2. MovieNut14 says:

    Ooh, I’m participating in this one. (Won’t have the age difference between the three so vast.)

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