Leaderboard update January!

by Joel · February 4, 2012 · LAMB Leaderboard · 2 Comments

2012 move quickly and its time for the first leader board update of the year. 2011’s leaderboard Titan 365 Horror kicks it off by dominating again but it shows that the academy awards are approaching and I’m sure that Never Too Early Movie Predictions will give 365 Horror a run for its money when the Oscar coverage escalates.

As seen there are a bunch of new LAMB’s on the top 20 and a lot of them don’t have personal banners so make sure to send me yours and I’ll add it to our image archive and it will show both on the leaderboard and in the random LAMB feature on this site. More info on banners here


2 Responses to Leaderboard update January!

  1. ZombieBodhi says:

    Oh wow, just realized I made the list. Looks like I better get working on a banner.

  2. Klaus says:

    Thought i’d fallen off the leader board.

    5. movie reviews in about 100 words or less (aka MiNG Movie Reviews…in 100 words or less)

    But then realized that only my banner had disappeared? Not sure why though? any chance of putting it back?

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