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by AndrewEncore · April 12, 2012 · Lamb Casting · 1 Comment

Andrew here, you’d have noticed that it’s been some time since a LAMB Casting entry. Apologies, but we’re back. This month’s entry is an oft forgotten Woody Allen film (but no less significant in its oeuvre) and I suspect that a number of you might not have seen it. I’m intrigued at the idea of re-casting it, though, because of the strong female focus and even if you haven’t seen the original don’t let that dissuade you from sending in an entry.

The film focuses on three sisters dealing with their parents divorce and his subsequent decision to marry another, more normal woman. I’ve included the ages of the actors at the time the movie came out to make the casting simpler.

The Parents
Eve – age: 55 (originally played by Geraldine Page)  a highly strung interior designer prone to mental instabilities
Arthur – age: 64 (originally played by E. G. Marshall) conventionally dependable, but tired of being a pillar of support

The Daughters
Renata – age: 32 (originally played by Diane Keaton) an award winning poet but undergoing her own issues with morality
Joey – age: 32 (originally played by Mary Beth Hurt) in search of a creative outlet, one sister says of her “she has all the anguish and anxiety of the artistic personality without any of the talent.”
Flyn – age 25 (originally played Kristin Griffith) an actress, she is beautiful and attractive but not very deep

The New Wife
Pearl – age 53 (originally played by Maureen Stapleton) arguably the film’s least repressed and inhibited person; not very sophisticated but certainly happy

So, that’s five women and a male – a female centred LAMB Casting. I urge you to go crazy with the picks, blind casting if the idea intrigues. Send your casts to me at dangerous.liaison231(@) (remove parentheses) with the title “LAMB INTERIORS” and a link to your blog/site. You’ve got a couple of weeks.

(In case you’re new to the LAMB Casting: Kindly send your picks in and refrain from posting them on your blog so that when voting time comes it’s more interesting with no one knowing who submitted what, thanks.)
Good luck.


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  1. Squasher88 says:

    Yay! I was wondering when the next LAMB Casting was coming. I hope we get a good turnout, since this film isn’t that well-known.

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