LAMB Casting: Interiors (VOTING TIME)

by AndrewEncore · May 13, 2012 · Lamb Casting · No Comments

Andrew here, this month for LAMB Casting I thought it would be nice to focus on Woody Allen’s first straight-drama film – Interiors. With a strong female focal point it proves such interesting opportunities for recasting. So, I put the idea to you and I earned six excellent options. Even if you haven’t seen Interiors (a lovely film) I’m intrigued to see which cast interests you most. It’s a film about a trio of daughters dealing with the divorce of their parents, and his subsequent marriage to a more free-spirited woman. And, even if you haven’t seen it – purvey the six options below. You’re heading out to a night at the movies…which of these casts would you shell out some money on?

(Read carefully: Some performers appear in multiple casts, and the order of the casts are randomised.)

Happy voting. You have two weeks, GO.