Interview with a LAMBpyre: Jason Soto of Invasion of the B Movies

by Bubbawheat · August 16, 2012 · Interview With The Lambpyre · 5 Comments

Bubbawheat back again with another edition of Interview with a LAMBpyre. I wanted to showcase some of the Lamb members and what better way than to ask them a few questions about themselves and their sites? I’m starting out by going through some of this year’s Lammy winners and hope to bring back some less active Lambs in the future. This week I’m talking with Jason Soto of Invasion of the B Movies who won this year’s Lammy for best Horror blog, and also had a little bit more fun with this interview than those in the past, though there are some serious answers if you look hard enough.

Bubbawheat: First off, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your site?

Jason Soto: My name is Jason Soto and I was born to a blacksmith and a dressmaker. Sometimes we had to light rats on fire just to get a little heat. It was intense! Thankfully, I went away to college when I found out my parents are weirdos who like living in the 1800’s. I dunno. Anyway, my day job is stupid but at night I’m a dancer. I started Invasion of the B-Movies back in 2005 when I couldn’t sleep one night and decided “Y’know, making fun of shitty movies is fun! I should totally do that!” and thus history was made! Sorry for the thus. It’s my 1800’s upbringing that comes out every now and then.

BW: You won this year’s best horror Lammy, what is it about horror movies that
appeals to you?

JS: I really hate teenagers. Actually I just hate kids in general. If only humans can be born at age 21 and not be so fucking annoying, that’d be awesome. Anyway, since it’s illegal to kill people in real life, I kinda have to get some sadistic joy out of watching annoying douchebag teenagers get killed on screen. Plus it’s a genre that doesn’t take itself too seriously and as you can tell, I don’t take shit seriously.

BW: I know your site’s got “B Movie” in the title, but do you genuinely prefer
the low budget B Movies over more mainstream Hollywood horror productions?

JS: You caught me! I’m a closet A-Movie watcher! My girlfriend found me in the closet, crying, and holding a copy of “The Trouble With Harry”, softly whimpering “I want to review this but I can’t!” But honestly, it’s kind of a toss up. I like both equally. I love “Basket Case” as much as I love “Pulp Fiction”.

BW: What do you think is the one thing a horror movie needs to do to “get it

JS: Plenty of gore, very clever kills, an awesome killer if it’s a slasher, great atmosphere, and last but certainly not least TITS! Lots and lots of TITS!

BW: What did you think about the decision to add Sci-Fi into the Horror category, even though it was still predominantly Horror blogs, and usually referred to as just “best Horror Blog”?

JS: Well I remember asking Dylan about that a few years back when he first did it and he said it was to encompass blogs that focus on one or the other, or in some cases both. Since there are some B-Movie Sci-Fi films, I happen to fit in both but yes this past year it seemed to only focus on horror. Oh and one site that only talks about superhero movies. I have no idea how THAT happened but whatever. Anyway, I think it should left up to the readers if it should stay in one category, separate them, or just get rid of Sci-Fi cause I’m not aware of too many blogs that ONLY deal with Sci-Fi. I’m sure if I’m wrong, plenty of people will correct me.

BW: Yeah, I have no idea what’s up with that site either. Anyway, what’s your favorite non-horror movie genre, and a couple of your favorite movies from that genre?

JS: I fucking love comedies! ALL COMEDIES! I actually get upset when people say shit like “Eh, I don’t like Anchorman” or “Airplane is a stupid movie” or “GUH! Adam Sandler sucks!” Well, I agree that he sucks NOW but old school Sandler (like between 1992-1998) was probably the best he’ll ever be. As for some examples, man I don’t even know. I love “Stepbrothers”, all three “Naked Gun” movies, and more recently “21 Jump Street”. I guess that’s more action/comedy but whatever, it’s my question if you don’t like it, you can fuck off!

BW: If there’s anything else you would like to add, feel free.

JS: People should stop taking me so god damn serious all the time. I say something in a review that gets posted on the LAMB and everyone’s like “BOO! You suck!” Sometimes, man, parents just don’t understand.

BW: Maybe not, but you could always get a free ride to stay with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Aire. And I’ll be back again next week with another interview.

5 Responses to Interview with a LAMBpyre: Jason Soto of Invasion of the B Movies

  1. Nolahn says:

    So, does this mean we’re not supposed to be lighting rats on fire for warmth? Cuz I think I might be doing it wrong.

  2. Dylan says:

    And Jason proves yet again why he’s one of the funniest LAMBs out there. Great interview, Bubba, and hilarious answers.

  3. Hilarious, just like his site. Love it.

  4. Shane says:

    Great interview. Jason and his site are hilarious.

    The Zombie Nation review is ridiculously funny.

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