LAMB #1375 – Wordschat – Words, chat & more in any medium

by Shep. Burman · September 18, 2012 · New LAMB · No Comments

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Wordschat – Words, chat & more in any medium
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Reviews, General, Humor
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Politics, Rants
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What is the main focus of your site?
I mostly write movie reviews, TV reviews, entertainment type posts. I go into rants, and praise, and humourous chit chat with whatever is tweaking my interest enough to share.

What are your blogging goals, personally and/or professionally? In other words, what, if anything, are you trying to get out your blog?
I want to share my thoughts and get things off my chest then experience what others have to say pro or con. The movie or the topic at hand is just the beginning just like the special features on a Blu-ray are the best part.
Do you prefer an interactive community for your blog or are you the teacher and your readers the students?
Interactive for sure. I want to read and hear what you have to say. Sometime I even change my opninions on given subjects after input.
How long has this site been active for, and how frequently do you post updates to your site?
Been writing reviews since way back to the Bulletin Board Service days. My current blogging moving from site to site and now happily at Woodpress has been about four years. I post on it about once a week or more or at least a FB status line update review.
Name up to three of your favorite movies (and no more).
Ordinary People, Les Amours Imaginaires (Heartbeats), Rebel Without a Cause
Name a movie you hate!!
Horrible Bosses
How did hear about the LAMB? If it was a LAMB, do you recall which one?


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