The Netflix Game #19

by Jason Soto · October 6, 2012 · The Netflix Game · No Comments

Apparently you guys don’t watch a lot of cult movies. Noted. Here are you updated scores:

Dan Heaton-18
Steve, Lackey-13
Alex Jowski-8
Alex, Squasher88-7
Martin Teller, Jess, Eric-3
Kano, Other Nick-2
Alan Grimm, Edwin Davies-1

And here are your answers:

1. A guy from another country comes here looking for a date.-Coming To America
2. All he wants to do is get home in time before his wife gives birth.-Due Date

1. Two brothers go on a road trip and learn about each other.-Rain Man
2. He just might be a secret agent for another planet.-Total Recall

1. A group of friends go on a secluded trip but the outcome is anything but typical.-The Cabin In The Woods
2. Two guys need to come up with a certain amount of money…FAST!-Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

And this week…

1. A guy takes over his father’s business, much to the dismay of his brothers and wife.
2. A cranky guy takes over a sports team.

1. Dorky kid goes on a road trip to get laid.
2. A dead guy tries to protect his wife.

1. A dying kid wants to watch a movie before he dies.
2. A couple comes to America to get some land. Hilarity and costume changes ensue.

And this is the last game with these scores. #20 is going to start brand new so now someone else has a chance to be in the top spot! I still have to think of something cool for the winner, I suppose.

Anyway, good luck!