Trailer Trashing with The Vern: 12/13/2012

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Hello The Lamb and fellow Lambsters.

Are you ready to go back to middle earth with the rest of those furry feat hobbits  and set forth on another adventure.  Of course you are.  After all what else are you going to be seeing if not this, “Save The Date“.  The only date people are saving is to see “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey“.    With that said we have a lot of great movie trailers being released this week.   Some of them I’m sure you have seen before.   A few of them I’m sure you have never heard of before, and at least one you should have heard of  if not seen.    With the end of the year fast approaching and Christmas coming soon.  I have but just one more week to give you all some tasty trailer tidbits before I leave for my break.  I hope you enjoy these morsels.

Man of Steel. 06/14/2013

The Enya like soundtrack mixed in with the slow-moving visuals makes me think that this version of Superman will be very dark and brooding.  One thing I have always liked about the earlier movies is the humor that was put in.  It seems that ever since “The Dark Knight” became a success. Every Superhero now has to be all moody and dark for some reason. The trailer looks fine and everything, but I want an adventure not a character study on “The Man of Steel“.



After Earth. 06/07/2013

Do any of you remember the video “Just the Two of Us” where Will Smith sang to his son Jayden when he was 6 or seven. Now the kid is in his early 20’s and the
of them are starring in a new sci-fi adventure by director M Night Shyamalan. I have not been on board with all of his movies and really only consider “Unbreakable
to be his only good one, but this does look interesting.   I’m not quite sure about casting Jayden and Will  in these roles, but him and his father have managed to turn out good performances in “The Pursuit of Happyness” so who am I to argue.



Pacific Rim. 07/12/2013

Holy shit does this look awesome. The only thing I hate about this trailer is having to watch it on a small computer screen.  Now this is how you do a fun blockbuster
Sci-Fi, Action movie. This is the closest thing to a live action “Voltron” movie I can think of and it’s better because it’s an original story that doesn’t connect itself
at all to that franchise.  Yet secretly I can pretend it is.  If “Battleship” called itself by a different name, I wonder if it would still be hated. Not to say that these two
have anything in common with each other, but it does make me wonder. Guillermo Del Toro’s action extravaganza is one that I’m sure a few will dismiss as being a rip off of Michael Bay. But Bay has never really cared about having good character development and I belive Del Toro does. Plus you have Idris Elba,and Ron Pearlman in the cast. Cinematography by Guillermo Navarro (“Pan’s Labyrinth“) What more of a good time could you ask for.



Star Trek: Into Darkness. 05/17/2013

I know I’m late posting this one, and you know why. Because it was on every single movie site and blog everywhere. I didn’t have to write about it because chances are you have already seen it. Just like  most of you have already seen the trailer to “Pacific Rim” by now.   Being a huge fan of 2009’s “Star Trek“. I was on board to see this even if there wasn’t a trailer. I can’t really judge this one honestly because it’s only a teaser. Oh sure I could make up some assumptions like a lot of other sites do, but I don’t want to cheat any of you so here’s what I will say about this ad. It looks to be a little bit more serious than the first outing and while I have some opinions on where the story could lead.  I’m going to wait til future trailers are revealed before I say any more. It does look like one that will need to be seen on the big screen. I have no doubts about that.



Stand Up Guys. 02/01/2013

Two aging con men (Al Pacino, Christopher Walken) try to get the “Old” gang back together before one of them has to assassinate the other for their last assignment. At first I thought I was watching “Grumpy Old Goodfellas” but then it looks to take a serious route towards the end. I think the trailer could have sold this movie better if it focused more on the comedy and let us discover its dramatic elements when we are watching the movie itself.



Blancanieves. Pending Release Date

This year we had a battle of the Snow Whites with “Mirror Mirror” and “Snow White and The Huntsman” Now we get this entry from Spain and it is by far the most original version of this story that I can think of. I’m not too sure how closely it follows the original fairy tale because all I got was words from other critics saying how awesome this was. Yet I can’t deny that this does have my interest. I love it when filmmakers take a well-known property and turn it into something different.  That’s why I’m really hoping Gaspar Noe would direct a version of “Cinderella“.



Trailer Hitch: Forbidden Planet. 03/15/1956.

After watching the trailer for “After Earth” I immediately thought of this science fiction classic right away. A group of Astronauts go to a planet and discover some wonderous things as well as some horrible things.  It was one of the first movies that I can think of that at least tried to make space travel look somewhat realistic,before Kubrick revolutionized filmmaking with “2001 a Space Odyssey“.   The set design still looks impressive and it has the first electronic score used for a movie.   A young Leslie Nielsen is almost unrecognizable in this, because I have never seen him that age before.  


Let me know of what you thought of the trailers below and send me your suggestions of the best Trailers of 2012 to [email protected].  I will post the wining list based on the number of votes after 01/06/2013.  Have a great day

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