LAMB Acting School 101: Jim Carrey

by Courtney · January 1, 2013 · Acting School · No Comments
As we say farewell to 2012, it is only fitting that we get the last LAMB Acting School 101 of 2012 out of the way. Due to the holiday, and year-end film list deadlines, submissions were lower than usual for the Jim Carrey feature. However, we are appreciative of the submissions nonetheless. Thanks to all the sites that took the time to send in their posts.

Articles, Podcasts, Artwork, and Lists

Colin from Never Mind Pop Film highlights one of his favorite scenes from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

French Toast Sunday’s Jessica shares her 5 favorite roles from Jim Carrey’s body of work.

Big Thoughts from a Small Mind asked readers who they preferred more Jim Carrey or Ben Stiller?.


I Love Philip Morris
YAM -Mag
French Toast Sunday
Big Thoughts from a Small Mind

Once Bitten

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Foolish Blatherings
Defiant Success

A Christmas Carol
Big Thoughts from a Small Mind

The Truman Show
Defiant Success

Next month’s LAMB Acting School 101 subject will be Philip Seymour Hoffman! If you would like to see your favourite actor/actress highlighted in this series, be sure to add their name to the list in the forum section of The LAMB. or email your suggestion to

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