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LAMMY AWARDSI have always loved the glossy program books that film festivals and awards shows put out containing a little picture and synopsis of each film in competition. They make for great reading while you’re waiting for the next film to begin, or reviewing movies that you’d like to catch at a later point.

This year’s LAMMY Awards didn’t have the budget for a photographer, a graphic designer or the glossy paper, but we are taking a giant step forward in our efforts to publicize ALL of our submitted blogs, and not just the eventual nominees and winners. Thanks to the submission statements that many of our members sent in (as well as some overtime from your friendly neighborhood moderators), we are proud to present the full 2013 LAMMY Eligibility List below. Hopefully this is the start of a tradition that we can continue and improve upon in the future.

It’s a large document (befitting our large association), because the Submissions Stage was quite a success. In total, 98 people participated in the submissions process. 643 submissions were received across the 18 categories, and a total of 297 different blogs will appear somewhere on the nominations ballot for consideration.

The polls for selecting our nominees from this group are now open, so we encourage you to have a look through this “program book” of eligible submissions. It has a section that shows all the submission statements for each category, and another section showing all the categories that each blog was submitted in.  We’re certain that you’ll discover some great blogs that you never noticed before, and it’s quite possible that some of these new finds will even end up on your ballot!

Here’s the link:

Happy Reading!