FYC Poster Tournament Round 1

by Bubbawheat · April 4, 2013 · 2013 LAMMYs · 26 Comments

Hello and welcome to this year’s FYC Poster tournament. While we are all waiting and voting for which blogs should win a Lammy, I’m just as interested in which poster is the best. There are a ton of creative posters this year, and personally I think this batch is overall better than the ones we had last year. If you were here last year, the rules are the same. I’ll be posting several match-ups in each round and your task is to vote for your favorite in each pair. You can leave your choices in the comments below, or you can send an e-mail to Bubbawheat@msn.com. No anonymous votes will be counted. You don’t have to be a Lamb member to vote, but your comment should link back to your site/blog. Click on the poster thumbnails to view the full sized image, and click the name under the poster to visit the owner’s site. Each round will be up for two days so be sure to get your votes in and check back for the next round! Good luck to you all!

An Online Universe
Vs TwigeonCoop
Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop
Life Between Films
Vs Cinekatz
The Cinematic Katzenjammer
Elemental Reviews
Vs TGK_Lammys2013_FYC_flare
The Gold Knight
Bonjour Tristesse
Vs MeontheMovie
Me on the Movie
Mettel Ray Movie Blog
Vs silver
Silver Emulsion
Lammies FYC poster
Just Chick Flicks
Vs BeingNormaJean
Being Norma Jean
And So It Begins…
Man I Love Films
The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World
The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World
Vs FYCRamblingFilm
Rambling Film

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