FYC Tournament Round 4

by Bubbawheat · April 10, 2013 · 2013 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 20 Comments

Welcome to the last round of the first tier of the FYC tournament. Thank you everyone who voted in round three, based on 18 votes including 1 private vote the following posters move onto the next round: Your Face!, Inspired Ground, Wide Screen World, Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions, Life vs. Film, Lights Camera Reaction, Defiant Success, and At the Back. This is technically a second chance round. Due to the odd number of submissions, I decided it was best (read: easiest) to give these seven posters a buy in the first round. So Public Transportation Snob, The Whorer, 2 Dollar Cinema, Cue Dot Confessions, Marked Movies, Blood Brothers, and Forced Viewing will also be moving on to the next round. But that leaves one final spot in the next 32 posters. It was mentioned by Bonjour Tristesse that it was a shame that some of the match-ups in the first round paired some great posters against each other, so I thought the best way to use that spot was to give another chance to one of those great first round picks that just got matched up with a better poster. So this time around list your top 3 picks. I chose these posters for one of two reasons: either the voting for the posters was very close, or myself and Pat from 100 Years of Movies thought it was worthy of a second chance and got matched up with a tough competitor off the bat. So to vote in this round, list your favorite 3 posters from the group below in order from first choice to third choice. The poster with the most votes will get a second chance in the next pairings. Good luck to you all!





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