Director’s Chair #33: Zack Snyder Announcement

by Nick Powell · June 13, 2013 · Director's Chair · 3 Comments

Zack-SnyderSubmission Deadline: July 6, 2013
Send Articles to: [email protected]

Hey everyone! It’s Nick from The Cinematic Katzenjammer. I know it’s been forever since the last edition of The Director’s Chair, but the feature is finally back just in time for one of the year’s biggest films. 

Along with any movie reviews you send in, concerning the director of the month, I would ask you include a score out of five for the film, similar to what you would do for the LAMBScores feature. This way, after the end of each month, I can come up with an average “score” for the director, and we can compare him/her to those of the past. It’s a small addition, but I see that it may prove rather interesting to compare results. I also will now include original images or videos related to the director. Had you found someone’s work so inspiring you wanted to put together a montage of scenes from their films? Or even watched something and needed to draw a picture. All is welcome. As are other works of art, from poems to stories, if it is indeed related to the director. 

For this edition, I wanted to focus on Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel, Watchmen, 300, and more. I wanted to put the focus on Snyder because he’s on the brink of not only being a household name like Christopher Nolan, but close to becoming one of the more powerful people in the movie world. Snyder is also a man many people differ on when it comes to their opinions of him, and I’m very curious to see what comes out of this feature. 

Now for those of you who have never participated in this event before I would like to present the basic list of instructions and rules for participation in the series. The golden guideline would be that all participants must be a current member of the LAMBs or at least on the waiting list for approval to become a member. The second guideline of participation in the series would be for everyone to write and publish an article about the candidate who has been selected for the event. The focus of every article must stay within the arena of the person’s career as a movie director. The third and final item on the list of guidelines is an uncompromising rule of meeting the deadline for submission. Every article that you would like to submit for the event must be e-mailed to Nick Powell [[email protected]). If you would like to submit an article that you published a couple of months or years ago I will accept them for participation in the event. Make sure to include a direct URL link to every article that you would like to submit. There is no minimum or maximum number of articles that can be submitted.

I only ask that you send me links to articles already published. Nothing is published in this article by itself, as it really is just a gateway to a bunch of different links.

Feel free to use the following images to promote the blogathon.