Australia Day at The LAMB

by Robert Gannon · January 26, 2014 · Featured, Features · No Comments

Happy Australia Day, everyone. We asked for your write-ups of Australian cinema to celebrate the holiday and you delivered. Check out all the great links from your fellow LAMB members and keep your eyes open for future National Days at The Lamb. If you have an idea for a National Day subject, leave it in the comments below.

“A Cinematic Trip Around Australia” (The Movie Rat)

“My Top 10 Aussie Films” (Back to the Film)

Animal Kingdom (Sketchy Details)

Celia: Child of Terror (The Movie Rat)

Frog Dreaming (aka The Quest) (The Movie Rat)

The Great Gatsby (Sketchy Details)

“The Lost Thing” (The Movie Rat)

The Loved Ones (Sketchy Details)

Mary and Max (Cinematic Catharsis)

Mary and Max (Sketchy Details)

Monster Pies (The Movie Man)

Moulin Rouge! (Sketchy Details)

Patrick (Cinematic Catharsis)

Picnic at Hanging Rock at Cinematic Catharsis

Young Einstein (Cinematic Catharsis)

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