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by Todd Liebenow · November 28, 2015 · Bloody Chops, Chops and Scores · No Comments

Horror_ChopsWell, the holiday season is upon us and what better way to celebrate it than with a bunch of horror movies! Actually, since we were just coming off of the month when many LAMB members devote a lot of time to horror movies, it seemed like a good time to bring back the Horror Chops feature here on the LAMB site. We had a fantastic response, so please take some time and check out all the great posts that were submitted. Another “Chops” will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, though, start clicking…

Grand Old Movies:
Who Slew Auntie Roo?

Movies and Songs:
Horror Movies Reviewed (part 1)
Horror Movies Reviewed (part 2)
Horror Movies Reviewed (part 3)

Cinematic Catharsis:
Dream Home
Night of the Living Dead
The Vampire Lovers

Top 10 Films:
Top 10 Influential Horror Films

Cinematic Shocks:
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
Lesson of Evil

Life vs Film:
Let the Right One In

French Toast Sunday:
The Thing

Movies Silently:
Missing the Silents: London After Midnight and Mark of the Vampire
The Phantom of the Opera
Seven Keys to Baldpate

Stabford Deathrage Shoots His Mouth Off:
Spawn of the Slithis

Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights:
Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood
Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

I Think, Therefore I Review:
Penny Dreadful Season 1
Penny Dreadful Season 2
Only Lovers Left Alive
Frankenstein, the True Story
Hammer House of Horror

The Whorer:
Episode 81- Hellraiser

Movies Review 101:
The Hallow

Blueprint Review:
Countess Dracula
Hellraiser 1-3
Twisted Tales

The Vern’s Video Vortex:
Alpha Girls
The Black Dahlia Haunting
The Fly

Journey’s in Classic Film:
Escape from Witch Mountain
The Cat and the Canary
The Monster that Challenged the World

Forgotten Films:
Neon Maniacs
Spider Baby

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