Cult Chops (October) – Slasher Movies

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So with Halloween fast approaching what better time could there be to look at the genre which has become one of its most popular mainstays since it’s golden age in the 80’s saw a new slasher film being released on an almost weekly basis, while the 90’s would see it being reinvented to meet the expectations of smarter audiences who’d long become jaded with the genre.

Despite the connections to 80’s cinema the roots of the genre can be traced back further to the likes of George Archainbaud’s “Thirteen Women” (1932). House of Wax (1953) and even Hitchcock’s “Psycho” can all equally be associated with the genre, making it a suprisingly deep one to explore despite the often disposable nature of the films it embodies.

How to get involved

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Really anything relating to the theme of the month can be submitted either via e-mail – or on the LAMB forums with all submissions featured in a round at up at the end of each month. The hope being that LAMB’s already writing about these genres will get alittle more exposure while perhaps tempting others to wander away from the path of mainstream cinema and maybe check out some films they might not have otherwise watched.

Submission Deadline: 7th November

Round up to be posted: 8th November

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