Return of Acting School 101 – Bill Paxton

by Rob · April 15, 2017 · Acting School, Announcements, Blogathons, Features · No Comments

Welcome Back Students!

Rob from MovieRob here!

I am pleased and excited to announce that I will now be running the return of a feature on the LAMB that has been on hiatus for the past 3 and a half years.

Like The Director’s Chair series being run by Tony, I think that this is a great way to get a look at what the members of the Lamb community think about the work of some of the most prolific actors/actresses who have been entertaining us all for so many years.

I plan to try and focus on an actor or actress every month who has a birthday in that given calendar month.

Obviously, there are thousands upon thousands of actors and actresses to choose from but I will try and narrow it down to some of the men and women who have had a strong impact on the craft.

For this month, the chosen actor is Bill Paxton, a great supporting actor who was able to break out and give us some amazing lead roles.

His untimely death at the age of 61 on the day of this year’s Oscar ceremony on Feb 25th took the whole entertainment world by surprise.

This then is a perfect time to take a look at his illustrious career.

According to IMDB, he appeared in 83 different movies over his almost forty year film career.

What we need from you is any of the following:

  • Posts that you have written about his work or life.
  • Any podcast you may have recorded regarding the scope of his work over the years.
  • Specific reviews via posts or podcasts of films that he has appeared in.
  • Any general posts that you have done about him (top ten list, best performance post, worst performance post or even just random thoughts about him and his work).

These posts can be new posts or ones that you have written in the past.

Once you have the material posted on your site, please send me the link to by 10th May and around the 15th of the month, I will post a list of all of the submissions sent to me.

If you have a suggestion for an actor or actress to be featured in the future, feel free to contact me.