The Film Pasture Podcast: Grazing With Podcasters #7

by The Vern · August 1, 2017 · Film Pasture, Podcasts · No Comments

The Vern is back yet again to give you a taste of some yummy podcast treats. Hopefully these will tide you over until you download the full episode and to make it easier. There is a link to the full episode so it’s easier to find.

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Featured Podcasts in order

Original/Remake episode 47 Spider-Man vs The Amazing Spider-Man

MBDS Showcase Episode 50:  Deadpool AKA Best Death Scenes in Movies
Twitter: @Elwood_Jones

First Time Watchers Episode 273: Dunkirk
Twitter: @1sttimewatchers

Ready Steady Cut Episode 43: Drive
Twitter: @ReadySteadyCut

How is This Movie: The Business of Film
Twitter:  @Howisthismovie

Ads: Forgotten Films and Cinema Recall

Opening Song: I Wanna Be a Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry
Closing Song: Marathon by Fuzzy Machete

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