LAMBracket: Best Christmas Movie Round 1-6 Results

by Jay Cluitt · December 15, 2018 · LAMBracket, LAMBracket Christmas, Uncategorized · No Comments

Well this is unexpected. I’d always heard that A Christmas Story was some kind of hallowed bastion of Americana, unimpeachable as one of the all-time great Christmas movies, yet here it is having been beaten by little old Home Alone. Well, well, well. Maybe it’s because Home Alone is far more popular overseas? Or maybe people enjoy watching a kid beat up two grown men with paint cans and nails in the feet rather than a different kid spending 90 minutes pining for a gun. Anyway, here are the full results:

Final results:

Congratulations to Home Alone and Alex from Boycotting Cinema, who move onto the next round!

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