by Jay Cluitt · January 31, 2021 · Lambpardy, Podcasts · 1 Comment

Lambpardy is back, baby!

Lambpardy, the Lambcast’s Jeopardy-inspired movie trivia game has spiralled off into bonus show category, and here’s your first dose! Jay is back to host, there’s three new contestants, a whole bunch of questions and roughly the same amount of answers, so let’s get to it. Listen to the show here:

This month the contestants are:
Jeanette Ward, The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl
Tony Cogan, Coogs Review
Brian Eggert, Deep Focus Review

Jay Cluitt, Life vs Film & Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

Thanks to the following Lambpardy heroes for helping out with questions for the show:
Howard Casner, Rantings & Ravings
Justin Gott, Rambling Ramblers Movie Podcast
Todd Liebenow, Forgotten Films
Nick Rehak, French Toast Sunday
MovieRob, MovieRob
Heather Baxendale-Walsh, MILFcast
Darren Lucas, Movie Reviews 101

Want to be a future Lambpardy contestant or help write some questions? Email Jay on thelambcast(at)!

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