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It’s time for April’s Lambpardy show! And, I think for the first time, this is the first show to not feature any Americans. In fact, we didn’t stray all that far from the British Isles for this show. Was it so it could be recorded on a weekday evening? Perhaps. Did it still lead to a very entertaining show? You betcha!

This month’s show features two Lambpardy newbies and one second-timer, but literally no-one involved was all that familiar with Jeopardy, which of course only added to the fun. Did a lack of understanding the rules help or hinder our competitors? Listen to find out!

This month the contestants are:
Meg Hyland; Meagan’s Movie Alphabet,, Dublin Feminist Film Festival
Emily Slade: Why This Film Podcast, Through Dangers Untold, Suffen About Suffolk
Paul Devine: The Peoples Movies

Jay Cluitt, Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

Thanks to the following Lambpardy heroes for helping out with questions for the show:
Tony Cogan, Coogs Review

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