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  • Reminder for Director’s Chair #29

    by Shep. Burman · Aug 9, 2012 at 14:07 CEST · Director's Chair · No Comments
    Reminder for Director’s Chair #29

    Event #29 starring
    Cecile B. DeMille
    August 14, 2012


    Submission Deadline

    10 PM on August 13, 2012

    Submit all articles to…

    The twenty-ninth installment of The LAMBs in the Director’s Chair series is next week. Do not forget to submit your article about Cecile B....

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  • The LAMBs in the Director’s Chair #22

    by Shep. Burman · Nov 29, 2011 at 21:56 CET · Director's Chair · 3 Comments
    The LAMBs in the Director’s Chair #22

    Event #22 starring
    Woody Allen

    He is a small framed man, wears a pair of thick framed eye glasses, rattles out a lengthy list of self-deprecating Jewish humor without showing any signs of slowing down, and appears to be successful with getting a foot in the door with a lot of beautiful women. When the name of Woody Allen crosses my mind, I immediately conjure up cinematic images from Annie Hall, Mighty...

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  • LAMBcast #94: Woody Allen

    by Shep. Burman · Nov 29, 2011 at 6:59 CET · Director's Chair, LAMBcast, Podcasts · 6 Comments
    LAMBcast #94: Woody Allen

    Just in time for tomorrow’s latest addition to the LAMBs in the Director’s Chair series, the LAMBcast tackles the career of Woody Allen. Dylan, Sam, Dan Heaton, Alex and newcomer Danny Reid dug deep and attempted to rattle around the brain of the neurotic writer-director-actor-institution. We talked up and down the guy so much that we skipped out on the usual format and ditched Rants and Raves of the Week, though of course we...

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  • LAMB Acting School 101: Johnny Depp

    by Courtney · Mar 8, 2010 at 16:44 CET · Acting School, Director's Chair, LAMBscores · No Comments
    LAMB Acting School 101: Johnny Depp
    CS, of Big Thoughts From A Small Mind, here with a new feature inspired by the Director’s Chair series. Welcome to the LAMB Acting School 101! Each month we will highlight a different actor/actress whose performances, for better or worse, have left a mark on the cinematic landscape. This month we start off with the Mad Hatter himself…Johnny Depp. What we need from you: Articles on the actor’s...

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