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  • The winner of the 2008 LAMMY for Most Ambitious is…

    by Dylan · May 10, 2008 at 16:00 CEST · 2008 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 3 Comments
    The winner of the 2008 LAMMY for Most Ambitious is…

    If it seems I don’t have as much to say about this category, well, that’s by design. I left the criteria (not as though there’s all that much for the other categories) open to your interpretation. Simply put, I asked “Who’s shooting for the moon?” This was the 9th most active category, with 59 total votes spread to 27 sites by 29 voters. The winner took the trophy while receiving a vote from 31% of the...

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  • LAMB Chops (4/6 – 4/12)

    by Dylan · Apr 16, 2008 at 6:05 CEST · LAMB Chops · 2 Comments
    LAMB Chops (4/6 – 4/12)

    Mmmm…tasty. Click on the banner to go to the Chop:

    MovieZeal gives their review of 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Submitted by MovieZeal:

    “The film’s blistering power is owed almost entirely to the fact that it avoids politicizing one of the most hot-button issues in the world today.”

    Fataculture rants against the MPAA (every fanboy’s favorite whipping post). Submitted by...

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  • LAMB #41 – Fataculture

    by Dylan · Feb 25, 2008 at 16:40 CET · New LAMB · 2 Comments
    LAMB #41 – Fataculture

    [Editor’s Note: This site has not posted new content in over a year (as of 5/18/11) and is now considered a dead LAMB. A moment of silence please…]


    Site Name: Fataculture

    What is the main focus of your site (reviews, editorials, news, lists, etc.)?
    Mainly film reviews, but also editorials and...

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