Invasion of the Lambs #4

by Dylan · August 18, 2008 · Invasion of the Lambs · 8 Comments

Many sites have screencap quizzes, but how many are invaded by LAMBs? Every so often, I’ll post a screen shot, only the actors heads will be “lambed out” – all you gotta do is name the film and the bodies that the lambs have overtaken.

I think someone already made the joke about the Fox killing it here on Invasion of the Lambs, but it warrants mentioning again anyway. I’m officially distraught over how easy these have been, consoling myself only with the thought that the people that don’t know aren’t saying anything (and that there’s 10,000 of you doing that). Ahh…pipe dreams.

Anyway, here’s your new “challenge,” Fox. For you or anyone else, I imagine this might be easy if you’ve seen this flick…but I don’t think that all that many people have seen it. Then again, that’s what I thought about Human Nature, and look where that got me.

Fox (Tractor Facts): 2
Joseph (Cinexcellence): 1