Invasion of the Lambs #7

by Dylan · September 3, 2008 · Invasion of the Lambs · 10 Comments

Many sites have screencap quizzes, but how many are invaded by LAMBs? Every so often, I’ll post a screen shot, only the actors heads will be “lambed out” – all you gotta do is name the film and the bodies that the lambs have overtaken.

I’m throwing this right out there: this one’s easy. There are enough clues that someone ought to get it fast.

In other news, Fox is still destroying the field. He might have to be banned soon…

Fox (Tractor Facts): 4
Joseph (Cinexcellence): 1
Dean (filmicability with Dean Treadway): 1

10 Responses to Invasion of the Lambs #7

  1. Fox says:

    hmmm…. I don’t think I know this one….

  2. Fletch says:


  3. DJ Heinlein says:

    I want to say 40 Year Old Virgin, but it’s just not gelling for me.

  4. WaywardJam says:

    Is it, by chance, Confidence with Ed Burns & Dustin Hoffman?

  5. Fox says:

    I think Wayward may be onto something. That does look like some Dustin Hoffman neck on the right there.

  6. Fletch says:

    Winner! Congrats, Wayne.

  7. WaywardJam says:

    Woohoo! I’m finally in the game! The Hoffman neck cinched it for me.

  8. Marilyn says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a single film you’ve chosen for these quizzes. Ah me…

  9. Jess says:

    Marilyn I’m with you – haven’t seen any of them so far! Oh well, a whole series of new movies to watch.

  10. Fletch says:

    That Hoffman neck features a nice turkey gizzard. Mmmmm.

    Marilyn, that’s somewhat understandable. None are all that widely seen; the first (Better Off Dead) is probably the most, but it’s 20 years old.

    Of the ones that have been done, I recommend Code 46 the most. A beautiful/haunting vision of the future featuring an awesome use of language(s).

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