LAMBScores: Quantum of Solace

by Dylan · December 17, 2008 · LAMBscores · No Comments

4 Lambs
The Critical Critics
From the Front Row
Pluck You, Too!
Cut. Print. Review.
The Film Forager
The Dark of the Matinee
3.5 Lambs
Bitchin’ Film Reviews
Reel Whore
Only the Cinema
3 Lambs
Phil on Film
The Seventh Art
Punch Drunk Critics
353 Haiku Movie Review
Popcorn N Roses

Average LAMBScore out of five, rounded to nearest half-LAMB: (14 sites)
Median LAMBScore:

And if there were a score for standard deviation, even though it’s been a long time since I took statistics, I’m pretty sure QoS would have the least. I kept expecting to see something higher than 4 or lower than 3 but it never happened…

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