The 2nd Annual LION Awards…Best Actress

by Dylan · January 28, 2009 · LIONs for LAMB · 1 Comment

The votes have been cast, the independent accounting firm of Fletch & Fletch has been consulted, and the time has come for the LIONs to be handed out.

Our sixth award for presentation is for Best Actress. There were a total of 50 votes, and the result is our second tie of the awards show. The winners, with 8 votes each…Kate Winslet for Revolutionary Road and Anne Hathaway for Bride Wars, er, Rachel Getting Married! Congrats, ladies!*

Dreamrot of $7 Popcorn nabs the bonus award for Best Out-there Vote for the second award in a row by virtue of voting for Rhona Mitra for Doomsday. Congrats, Dreamrot.

Next up…Best Actor. Stay tuned to the LAMB for more of the LIONs, culminating with our Top 10 Films of 2008.

* Yes, I know that Cheetara is neither a lamb nor a lion. Still, the thought of using a famous female Thundercat for the Best Actress award was too good to pass up. And you better believe you know who will be featured tomorrow…unless I call an audible, that is…