The 2nd Annual LION Awards…Best Supporting Actress

by Dylan · January 22, 2009 · LIONs for LAMB · 2 Comments

The votes have been cast, the independent accounting firm of Fletch & Fletch has been consulted, and the time has come for the LIONs to be handed out.

Just yesterday, I told you that today’s award would be for Best Supporting Actor. For reasons I’m not at liberty to disclose at this time, I’m going to have to call an audible.

Our third award for presentation is for Best Supporting Actress. There were a total of 50 votes. The result – a tie! With six votes each, I present you with the co-winners of this prestigous honor…Viola Davis of Doubt and Marisa Tomei of The Wrestler.

Bonus award for Best Out-there Vote: Dame James Henry of Rants of a Diva for picking Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Next up… Best Supporting Actor. Honest. Stay tuned to the LAMB for more of the LIONs, culminating with our Top 10 Films of 2008.