The 2nd Annual LION Awards…Worst Films of the Year

by Dylan · January 26, 2009 · LIONs for LAMB · 6 Comments

The votes have been cast, the independent accounting firm of Fletch & Fletch has been consulted, and the time has come for the LIONs to be handed out.

Our fifth “award” for presentation is for the Worst Films of the Year. There were a total of 50 voters, some who placed votes for five films, while others named just their top two or three stinkers. Here, we honor the top five vote-getters.

Counting down, from fifth to first (votes to follow):

5. 10,000 B.C. (18 points from 6 voters)
4. Jumper (19 points from 7 voters)
3. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (20 points from 5 voters)
2. The Love Guru (27 points from 8 voters)
1. The Happening (43 points from 14 voters)

The bonus award for Best Out-there Vote is split amongst two voters: Dreamrot of $7 Popcorn and Scott of Mendelson’s Memos each put in a vote for The Dark Knight as their worst film of the year. Really, guys – worst of the year? (It should be noted that Scott also voted for The Dark Knight as his second-best film of the year. Hmmmm.)

Next up…Best Actress. Stay tuned to the LAMB for more of the LIONs, culminating with our Top 10 Films of 2008.