LAMB Leaderboard updated for February!

by Dylan · March 2, 2009 · LAMB Leaderboard · 4 Comments

You know, I was a little embarrassed after seeing the February total for Blog Cabins and almost manually altered the number to move myself down the leaderboard, but I remembered a few things:

* First, the data is impartial; I go to Google Analytics, select the dates and report the numbers. If anything, the number for BC is lower than it should be, as I think I’ve blocked a few IPs from reporting to Analytics (just because I don’t like artificially imflating my own traffic numbers).

* Second, the fact remains that I probably pimp the LAMB more than anyone else, and with good (and obvious) reasons.

* Third, I think I was the only one actively promoting (at least with a banner) the LAMB Oscar Pool, which had a decent turnout.

So there you have it – Blog Cabins tops the leaderboard for a 2nd straight month. Please, please, please – knock me off of there.

Though I did call one audible – no site shall own the B.L.O.C. spot for consecutive months, regardless of the stats. As such, Matte Havoc is this month’s Big LAMB On Campus. If you listen carefully, you might already be able to hear Nick grumbling for not being number 2 this month as opposed to last…


In other LAMB Banner news, I’ve added eight more to the gallery – if you were one of the eight, your banners now ‘hang’ proudly there and have been inserted into the Random LAMB Banner box. Want yours in there? Just send it to me.


4 Responses to LAMB Leaderboard updated for February!

  1. Oh damn, I got to make a banner. A little surprised to see myself there.

  2. Nick says:

    *grumble grumble*

    Oh sure, you make HIM the leaderboard winner while there’s close to a 70 point difference… but last month, when it was only a one point difference… I get second place.

    And I didn’t even MAKE the leaderboard at all this month… gah.

  3. Tommy Salami says:

    don’t feel bad, I’m only on because of an IMDb hit list. Next month I slip slide away again.

  4. Jess says:

    slow and steady – I moved up one place!

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