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    by Shep. Burman · Feb 20, 2012 at 17:57 CET · Announcements · 5 Comments

    Guess what? “.blogspot” is gone! You can find the LAMB at The old URL will redirect, but please update your links going forward – thanks!

    The only victim of this is the “Recently Baah-ed LAMBs” page, which was tied to the old URL. Hope that’s not a big deal. If you notice any other issues, please let us know as soon as possible –...

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  • Good-Baah

    by Rachel · Jan 23, 2012 at 16:00 CET · Uncategorized · 24 Comments

    In October of 2010, Dylan (founder of this lovely community) asked a shocking question on Facebook: Would anybody be willing to take over running the LAMB? What?! It was like Santa was asking one of the elves if they wanted to run the North Pole, which could only result in total chaos.

    After emailing Dylan to verify that he must be joking, I found out that he indeed was completely serious. Real life had gotten in the way, and he no...

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  • The LAMB Turned 4…

    by Rachel · Nov 1, 2011 at 22:56 CET · Uncategorized · 10 Comments
    The LAMB Turned 4…

    Yesterday. And I forgot to say something about it. Better late than never, right?…


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  • Introducing…the LAMB Podcasting Network

    by Shep. Burman · Aug 2, 2011 at 18:17 CEST · Podcasts · 4 Comments
    Introducing…the LAMB Podcasting Network

    Lots of LAMBs have podcasts, and lots of LAMBs listen to podcasts. But are we all listening, or even aware of all of those podcasts? My palate of podcasts is almost always overrun with potential new shows, but every now and then, a show or two will stop and I’m be ready to dip my toes into a new one, and I always like to try to listen to a LAMBs’ show over some random podcast.
    With that in mind, as well as the benefits of...

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  • The Sortable Table of LAMBs is complete!

    by Dylan · Sep 29, 2010 at 20:29 CEST · Uncategorized · 5 Comments
    The Sortable Table of LAMBs is complete!

    With many, many thanks to both Travis of The Movie Encyclopedia and Jess of Insight Into Entertainment, who did a lot of repetitive Excel work for me, I present to you the completed Sortable Table of LAMBs!

    I’ve added a new nav button in the left sidebar for it (yes, the nav buttons in general need an overhaul, and soon). Details on what the table is can be found by clicking it or the link above. I hope to keep this puppy...

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  • The dynamically updating LAMB Scroll Box!

    by Dylan · Apr 24, 2009 at 17:00 CEST · Uncategorized · 6 Comments
    The dynamically updating LAMB Scroll Box!

    So, remember that post from, um, yesterday, about the new way to update the LAMB scroll box?

    Well, scratch that. Because this is world’s better. With many thanks to Rick from Stop the Planet of the Apes… I want to get off., you need only do one more update to the code on your site…and then never again (I hope), because all the updating on my part will now dynamically update the code to whoever has it posted on their...

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  • Updated LAMB Scroll Box Code

    by Dylan · Apr 23, 2009 at 16:16 CEST · Uncategorized · 7 Comments
    Updated LAMB Scroll Box Code

    File this under: things I should have thought of long ago.

    At the bottom of the LAMB Scroll Box, I tell you to “email the LAMB” if you want an updated version of the code. I get requests periodically, but for the most part, people’s boxes on their sites are wildly out of date (even the one on BC gets that way sometimes).

    Such is the trouble of not having something that can update dynamically. I’ve been...

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  • Get to know your Fletch!

    by Dylan · Apr 21, 2009 at 18:00 CEST · Uncategorized · 2 Comments
    Get to know your Fletch!

    I mentioned last week that I was asked to be a part of MovieBlips Box Office Prediction feature that they were running. Well, I didn’t want to spoil it at the time, but they also asked to interview me as a part of their Blogger Profile series; humbled, I agreed (I think I’m the first one in the series). Heck, I even sent them a doofy picture of myself for all the world to see.

    You can read it all here (just in time for the...

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  • You are cordially invited to attend the 2009 LAMMY Awards

    by Dylan · Apr 20, 2009 at 13:00 CEST · 2009 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 11 Comments
    You are cordially invited to attend the 2009 LAMMY Awards

    Can you feel the excitement? One year and over 200 additional LAMBs later, it’s time for the 2nd Annual LAMMYs. If you’re amongst the majority of LAMBs that was not yet a member for last year’s awards, be sure to click here for a recap of last year’s events. It’s a pretty self-explanatory event, and can be summed up in a nutshell like so:

    Judge your peers! Brag about your standing within the...

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  • Yeah, they’re…hot blooded!

    by Dylan · Apr 19, 2009 at 19:48 CEST · 2009 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · No Comments
    Yeah, they’re…hot blooded!

    Get this widget!…...

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  • Blogger’s Box Office Predictions on MovieBlips

    by Dylan · Apr 16, 2009 at 19:50 CEST · Uncategorized · No Comments
    Blogger’s Box Office Predictions on MovieBlips

    Just a quick note to pimp something that I participated in recently. I was asked by Robyn of MovieBlips (a child of ShowHype, in a way) to answer a few questions about this summer’s movies and their projected box office takes. It’s a good read (similar to the questions I posed to the players of last year’s Summer of LAMB) and – even better – I was far from the only LAMB to play along. Also taking part were the...

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  • Something old, something new, something borrowed…

    by Dylan · Apr 2, 2009 at 21:11 CEST · Uncategorized · No Comments
    Something old, something new, something borrowed…

    If you’re a movie blogger and have your site and email listed just about anywhere, it seems as though that’s all it takes to get on a number of mailing lists and/or to be seen as a potential consumer for any number of products, from other websites to independent films to major studio films to t-shirts and more.

    Some months back, I added a “P.R. and stuff” thread to the LAMB Forums as a place for me to share this...

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