You are cordially invited to attend the 2009 LAMMY Awards

by Dylan · April 20, 2009 · 2009 LAMMYs, The LAMMYs · 11 Comments

Can you feel the excitement? One year and over 200 additional LAMBs later, it’s time for the 2nd Annual LAMMYs. If you’re amongst the majority of LAMBs that was not yet a member for last year’s awards, be sure to click here for a recap of last year’s events. It’s a pretty self-explanatory event, and can be summed up in a nutshell like so:

Judge your peers! Brag about your standing within the LAMB community! Win fabulous prizes! If the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can recognize its own every year, so can the LAMB.

As discussed in the final award post from last year, there are a few changes to this year’s awards. While we had but 78 eligible LAMBs last year, we have 282 (see below) eligible sites this year. As such, I can’t reasonably expect anyone to be even remotely familiar with all of them, much less to go and inspect them for the purpose of an awards ceremony. So, gone is the “vote and tally” method from last year; it is replaced by a traditional nomination/vote process.Also, I’ve excised three awards and added four new ones, so there are 15 this year. Here are the details:

The rules:
Voting and eligibility is open to LAMBs only (#1 – 282). As of this second, I have posted profiles only up through LAMB #273; however, I have in the hopper profiles for 9 additional LAMBs, and I feel it’s only right that they be eligible to participate as well. Those 9 should know who they are; for those that don’t, their names are included in the LAMB Scroll Box, which serves as the list of all eligible sites.

Click on the link below and nominate up to three LAMBs for each award (no need to rank), save for Best Blog, where you may nominate up to five sites. You are not permitted to vote for your own site, as allowing it would likely negate the effect. The nomination period will last for two weeks (until May 4th). Shortly thereafter, I will post a list of the nominees – five for each award. Another round of voting will take place for another two week period.


  • Winners and Runner Ups (new – considering the number of sites, a 2nd place finish deserves a banner, too) of each category will be eligible to place one of the excellent banners below on their sites (the “4” will be exchanged for the appropriate number), created by the LAMMYS “sponsor” RIPE Creative – aka Mrs. Fletch’s company. (Banners and code will be emailed to the winners).
  • In addition, the sites chosen as Best Blog and Best Blog Runner Up will be eligible for special banners for placement on their site.
  • As a bonus prize, the Best Blog winner will get this t-shirt sent to them, sent to me as part of a PR package by Sinuate Media as part of their Blog Smog promotional pack.

The categories:
Best Blog
The self-explanatory big kahuna.

Best Theme
This could be anything, from a blog devoted solely to sound editing to a blog devoted to the work of Clint Howard.

Most Prolific

Who makes you wonder how they sleep at night? Time to let them know their never-ending quest is worthwhile.

Best Running Feature
Some people only do reviews. Some people do commentary. Many have running features; who’s got the best one and what is it?

Best Design
Which site looks the best? This could be one that’s built from scratch or expanded from a template.

Best Blog Name
“Things To Do In Denver While You’re Blogging.” Another self-explanatory award.

Funniest Writer
Who’s the next Richard Pryor? Or Carrot Top, even?

Brainiac Award
AKA, the “Most intelligent/insightful/academic writer.” Who is the Stephen Hawking of film bloggers?

Most Ambitious
Who is shooting for the moon? I leave this one open to your interpretation.

Best Use of Widgetology

Anyone can place a number of widgets on their site, but the right mix and placement of widgets can turn a boring site into a great one. Who does it best?

Best Review
Can you think of film review (or three) in the last year that stands above all others? One whose words so perfectly summed up a film or analyzed it so perfectly that you wish you had written it? Yes, I expect this to be a very, very tight race.

Best Blog-a-thon/Meme
So addictive you just couldn’t help but take part. So brilliant, so viral that it took over the internet (or maybe just a bunch of film blogs).

Most Likely to Get Paid for Blogging
Our version of “Most Likely to Succeed.”

Best Rating System
Some use numbers, some use grades, some make their own rules. Whose is most impressive?

Best Random LAMB Banner
A special award given to those that have made and sent in a banner. The full gallery can be seen here.

The Link

Final Thoughts
Though it may take awhile depending on your familiarity, please take some time to visit as many of the LAMBs as you can to give a fair and accurate judging. Use the handy LAMB scroll box to visit them all, use a feed reader, or just type them all into your browser one by one if that’s your bag.

On the poll, I’ll have a question or two about feedback and any suggestions for the 2010 LAMMYS. Please give your thoughts – what’s missing, different and/or better categories, the voting/nomination process, prizes, etc.

Most important – have fun and good luck to you all!

Thanks go out again to our sponsor, RIPE Creative, who created all the countdown pics, banners, etc… for this event.

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11 Responses to You are cordially invited to attend the 2009 LAMMY Awards

  1. I better go rent my tux before it’s too late.

    FYC Best Theme, Best Blog Name

  2. Books,Coffee,etc.... says:

    Hi! Fletch,
    I must admit this will be my first time participating in the 2009 Lammy awards.
    Let me go back and read the rules
    completely!…. “sacrebleu!”this is sort of??!? kind of??!?…like the Oscarsfor LAMBs members…Baaah!


  3. A REAL prize this year, YAY! Much better than your stash of old un-favorite movies.

  4. I could really use the dentyne ice

  5. Fletch says:

    Books, Coffee – you bet this is our version of the Oscars. Get your fanciest outfit on, pronto!

    See – Mikey’s on it. Mike, send me on over a FYC sheet (I can’t recall if you actually did last year or not). I’ll put it up. That goes for anyone – I’ll probably do a separate post soliciting these, as I think it’s a fun, creative way to promote the LAMMYs.

    RIPE – Don’t knock the recycled movies. Fargo was in there! (And Logan’s Run still waits for a new home…)

    Paul – so sorry, but I already gave it away. I have a couple frisbees, though, if you’re interested…

  6. Stacia says:

    Paul could REALLY use the Dentyne Ice. Someone needs to find him some, stat! I mean that in the kindest possible way.

    Or maybe I’m just cranky because I can’t narrow anything down to just 3 choices.

  7. Fletch says:

    “Or maybe I’m just cranky because I can’t narrow anything down to just 3 choices.”

    You’re in luck! The best blog vote only has to be narrowed down to 5. 😀

    (Hint hint to Matte Havoc on that one, too, who said he couldn’t pick just one…)

  8. I just made one. Also, is voting only available to LAMBs?

  9. Fletch says:

    Awesome – it will be up sometime soon.

    And yep, voting is open to LAMBers only.

  10. Moviezzz says:

    This sounds fun, but I’m having a hard time coming up with my picks.

    Most of the bloggers I read are LAMBS. How to choose?

  11. Jeez. So many lambs. It’s going to be a long night….

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