LAMB Casting The Colour Purple: Results

by AndrewEncore · April 29, 2010 · Lamb Casting · 1 Comment
This is Andrew from Encore’ s World of Film & TV with your long overdue results for the latest episode of LAMB Casting.
La Mot du Cinephiliaque – Michael chooses:
Halle Berry (Celie); Jamie Foxx (Albert Johnson); Loretta Devine (Shug Avery); Queen Latifah (Sofia); Thandie Newton (Nettie Harris); Morgan Freeman (Old Mister); Don Cheadle (Harpo Johnson); Beyonce Knowles (Squeak); Forrest Whitaker (Swain); Meryl Streep (Miss Millie)
Queen Latifah as Sofia was the standout in this cast for me. Latifah is a good actress when she’s given the chance to steetch her legs and if this was a musical version especially she’d really impress with the singing. Isn’t weird how Meryl Streep ends up in every movie? Even the imaginary ones? I do say, though, I’d love to see her play a racist in full Sister Aloysius style.
Heather of Movie Mobsters chooses:
Zoe Saldana (Celie); Terrence Howards (Albert Johnson); Halle Berry (Shug Avery); Jennifer Hudson (Sofia); Kerry Washington (Nettie Harris); Denzel Washington (Old Mister); Derek Luke (Harpo Johnson); Joy Bryant (Squeak); Don Cheadle (Swain); Naomi Watts (Miss Millie)
I liked Heather’s shoice of PYT Zoe Saldana. I’ve been a fan of hers even before she went all blue on us. It’s anyone’s guess if she’d be a good enough actress (or singer for that matter), but I’m sure she’d give a valiant effort. The choice of Halle to play Shug Avery sounds good to me too. I was a big fan of the original Shug and I don’t know about the singing, but I sense Halle could fill the role nicely.
CS from Big Thoughts from a Small Mind goes original and chooses:
Ziyi Zang (Celie); Tony Leung (Albert Johnson); Gong Li (Shug Avery); Maggie Chung (Sofia); Maggie Q (Nettie Harris); Chow Yun Fat (Old Mister); Andy Lau (Harpo Johnson); Ok Bin Kim (Squeak); Jet Li (Swain); Susan Sarandon (Miss Mille)


CS’s mindf***. It makes me sound vaguely racist, but other than Ziyi Zang and Jet Li I’m not very knowledgeable of the Asian Actors. I have to say though, Susan Sarandon as Miss Millie. Come on! Who doesn’t want to see that?
Anika Noni Rose (Celie); Dennis Haysbert (Mr. Albert Johnson); Beyonce Knowles (Shug Avery); Jennifer Hudson (Sofia); Sophie Okenodo (Nettie Harris); Morgan Freeman (Old Mister); Jamie Foxx (Harpo Johnson); Maria Carey (Squeak); Eddi Murphy (Swain); Catherine O’Hara (Miss Millie)
I was sold at Anika Noni Rose. Someone get this woman to a musical (where she has a song of her own). She’s easily my favourite Celie of the lot, of course this looks a bit like Dreamgirls II with Hudson and Knowles, but you can understand the pretty Knowles playing the lovely Shug and the assertive Hudson playing Sofia.
And Luke of Journalistic Skepticism picks:
Viola Davis (Celie); Idris Elba (Albert Johnson); Kerry Washington (Shug Avery); Jennifer Hudson (Sofia); Taraji P. Henson (Nettie Harris); Danny Glover (Old Mister); Anthony Mackie (Harpo Johnson); Sharon Leal (Squeak); Derek Luke (Swain); Brenda Blethyn (Miss Millie)
I’m surprised no one suggested Viola Davis for Sofia, actually, but Luke has here for Celie. Is she young enough? Though I didn’t love her in Doubt, the woman can act and deserves a role worthy of her, the same goes for Kerry Washington.
So you voted and it turned into a tight race, and the winner by one vote was…Luke of Journalistic Skepticism
So there you have it, the updated version of The Color Purple. What think you?  Were you gunning for the Asian cast? Too much Jennifer Hudson? Sound off below.

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  1. Heather says:

    One day I’m going to win one of these! Congratulations to Luke though. Your cast is definitely impressive.

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