LAMB Chops: April 27th

by Jason Soto · April 27, 2010 · LAMB Chops · 5 Comments

Here they be. When I opened up the email, I saw a bunch of Chops from the past month sitting there, but since they are a month old, I only went with the ones that been sent in from the last two weeks or so. I apologize if you sent in a chop but it didn’t get picked. Please feel free to send them in again for next week.

Site: Bloggin Bin Revue
Post: Bad Movies, Good Eats: Not Constantinople Edition
Submitted by: Bargain Bin Review

Site: This Guy Over Here
Post: Top 10 Dramedies of the 2000’s
Submitted by: This Guy Over Here

Site: Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Title: Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster (1966)
Submitted by: Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Site: Nevermind Pop Films
Post:Superman Returns: A Retrospective
Submitted by: Nevermind Pop Films

Site: He Shot Cyrus
Post: How To Cover A Film Festival
Submitted by: He Shot Cyrus

Site: The Movie Encyclopedia
Post: Interview with Dr. Uwe Boll
Submitted by: The Movie Encyclopedia

Site Name: Plus Trailers
Post Title: The Greatest Cinema Experience of my Life
Submitted by: Plus Trailers

Site Name: The Cultural Post
Post Title: First Images of ‘Repeaters’
Submitted by: Anh Khoi Do

Site Name: Invasion of the B Movies
Post Title: Razzie’s ’10: Transfromers: Revenge of the Fallen (Review)
Submitted by: Invasion of the B Movies

Got a few submissions for the first ever Bloody Chops coming up on Saturday, but I still need more. So send them in by Friday night!
Thanks to all who submitted!

5 Responses to LAMB Chops: April 27th

  1. simoncolumb says:

    I’ve always wanted to know – what is the definition of these LAMB chops. Is it a case of people just getting their blog a little publicity by highlighting something they are proud of recently? or is there more purpose?


  2. Fletch says:

    Ideally, they would represent the best of the LAMB.

    When they first started, I only had people submitted posts from sites that weren’t their own, but (shocker) I didn’t get all that many entries. So it opened up to anything, though submissions for others’ sites are always more than welcome. Since they’re posted just a couple times a week, the point is for people to submit the posts they’re proudest of/want the most views for in the given time period.

  3. elgringo says:

    Thanks for including my post! Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. Fitz says:

    Thanks for putting up my Superman Retrospective.

    Ideally, LAMB Chops should only be posted if they’re your proudest works.

  5. Japan Cinema says:

    Why should we re submit our chops if you have them still in your inbox? Just keep them in your reserve pile whenever you have a slow week O_O

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