Whatcha Wanna Watch this Weekend? (6/25/10)

by Dylan · June 25, 2010 · Uncategorized · 4 Comments


4 Responses to Whatcha Wanna Watch this Weekend? (6/25/10)

  1. Alex says:

    This isn’t really an option, but I’m catching Death Race 2000 on the big screen tonight!

  2. cinemasights says:

    Another DVD weekend for me:

    The Book of Eli [Bluray]
    Friday the 13th: Part V: A New Beginning
    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

    That should keep my covered until Monday

  3. Fletch says:

    I might have to remove the “something on DVD” option – I think it’s won every week so far. Perhaps that’ll change when Inception or Scott Pilgrim comes out…

  4. Chantale says:

    Oooh Scott Pilgrim – can’t wait!

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